i75 Film

If you missed out on watching our special end of year ‘i75 Film’ at the screening of ‘The Theory of Everything’ in July, or you would just like to watch it again, you now can by visiting the Impington Village College website – Special Events and Projects section, or click here. Marking the end of a fantastic year, filmmaker Steve Wallis put together this wonderful record of everything that occurred over the past 12 months.

In the Prom there is also now a final exhibition titled “To the next 75 years”. This features items from the opening of the College in 1939 and pieces from the anniversary year, alongside a new wall display showcasing comparison photographs, a specially commissioned illustration, and a timeline.

Thank you again to everyone who has been involved in this 75th anniversary year, and I hope you will continue to support IVC endeavours for the future.


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Gropius Lecture Videos

In April, IVC organised a Gropius Lecture Day which involved various speakers addressing issues surrounding Walter Gropius, his architecture and the impact on the field today. The videos of the lectures have now been fully edited and completed by our filmmaker, Steve Wallis.

You can now watch the lectures and panel discussion by clicking here.

L-R: Martin Rigby, Elizabeth Darling, Alan Powers, Elain Harwood, Louise Campbell, Julia Barfield, David Grech

L-R: Martin Rigby, Elizabeth Darling, Alan Powers, Elain Harwood, Louise Campbell, Julia Barfield, David Grech

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What an end to a fantastic year!

The i75 Show took us out with a bang on Monday night. It was a spectacular evening, not only highlighting the variety of performances across the 75 years of IVC, but also showcasing the amazing talent of our students. We were privileged to have alumni members return as well to present some of their work since leaving the College and they are now studying, or have recently graduated from, the arts. It has been a great year and this was a perfect conclusion!

Take a look at the slideshow below of photographs from the evening.

All (C) Steven Creamer Photography 2015 www.stevencreamerphotography.com

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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i75 Show: Celebrating the Cultural Life of the College

Tickets are now available for the i75 Show to be held at IVC in the Gropius Hall on Monday 20 July at 7:30pm. 

£7.50 adults, £5 students (up to the age of 21) – all sold on a first-come-first-served basis with a maximum of 5 tickets per student. Past shows have sold out very quickly so please make sure you purchase in plenty of time. The production is expected to run at approximately two hours including a fifteen minute interval, when it will be possible to purchase refreshments from the licensed bar run by the PSFA. The house will open at 7.10pm and any returned tickets may be available on the door from 7pm.

I75 Show 2015

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Final Henry Morris Quote

Across the course of the last 6 weeks, we have been posting some recently discovered quotes from Henry Morris, expressing his thoughts about the village college ethos. This is the final quote in the series, and it seems to be a very fitting one to finish on.

Quote 6

“Mark you – such organisations would come about not by the fiat of a few officials but by the community expressing itself through institutions of government. Further, the local community education would not be a consequence of good government, but government a consequence of education”. – Henry Morris, Cambridgeshire Secretary of Education

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Get your tickets to see Jane Hawking at IVC!

Stephen and Jane Hawking editIt’s not long now till our very special screening of ‘The Theory of Everything’ with Jane Hawking.

Jane will be giving a talk and taking questions from the audience at this event before we will show the Oscar-winning film. This is a final event in the 75th anniversary festival, so don’t miss out!

Tickets are selling fast, especially with our publicity in Cambridge News – see the feature here.

Make sure you get your ticket by going to http://www.wegottickets.com/event/318855 now!

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Quoting Henry Morris

Quote 5

“The Village College would not outlive its function, for the main reason that it would not be committed irrevocably to any intellectual or social dogma, or to any sectional point of view. Intellectually it might become one of the freest of our English Institutions”. – Henry Morris, Cambridgeshire Secretary of Education

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Henry Morris – Quick Quote of the Week

Quote 4

“The whole welfare of communities and the vigour and prosperity of their intellectual and societal life depend on the extent to which centres of unfettered initiative can be developed within them”. – Henry Morris, Cambridgeshire Secretary of Education

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Celebrating 75 Years of the Arts

On Monday 20 July, the Performing Arts faculty, with support from the Parents, Staff and Friends Association at IVC, will be proud to present the i75 Show! 

Preparations are underway for a show that aims to be a celebration of the prolific and varied performances that have been presented over the eight decades the College has been open. Suzy Marston, Director of the Performance School, is hoping to create a showcase which encompasses the gamut of published plays, dance repertoire, popular songs, devised pieces and musical works that have been performed to such great acclaim over the years. Former students will also be present to stage a montage displaying their current talents that grew from their time at Impington Village College.

More information to be released soon.

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Quote of the Week – Henry Morris

Quote 3

“In medieval Europe a common organisation was made possible by a system of common values and beliefs. In our time that element of unity in the life of society will be attained by the organisation of communities around their educational institutions… every local community will become an educational society.

Education is not only the dissemination of knowledge, but an induction into a way of life… it is as members of a community that the life of action can best be realised and cur souls saved.

We shall not acquiesce in a secular education which is merely utilitarian concerning itself only with efficiency. The greatest and most important task education could have is to construct the world of youth and the adult to give them faith to live in it and competence to cope with it.” – Henry Morris, Cambridgeshire Secretary of Education

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