IVC steps back in time to 1939

Friday 3 October saw staff and students of IVC transported back in time to the day when the College first opened in 1939. As part of our 75th Anniversary programme of events, this was set to be an enjoyable and unique day in the College calendar.

In September 1939, Britain declared war on Germany, and just two weeks later, Impington Village College opened its doors to children from the surrounding villages. There was no uniform for students, and the fashion style was very different to what it is today. Consequently, everyone was encouraged to come dressed in the appropriate attire, and to take part in the spirit of reliving past school days.

Lessons remained the same, but subjects were taught with 1939 inspired curriculum and there was limited use of electronic equipment. In addition, each year group took part in an out-of-class experience, whether it was learning how to correctly fit a gas mask, understanding the importance of propaganda or participating in a drilling session.

It was a very informative and historical day for all involved, and it will definitely be remembered by staff and students alike.

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