Former students

Catching up at the Anniversary celebration

Thank you to all those former students who were able to join us in September for the 75th anniversary celebration weekend.  We were particularly thrilled to welcome former students from the class of 1939 including Doreen who cut the ribbon to the newly restored Gropius Hall.

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Messages from two Alumni:

It’s amazing what you are doing at Impington. I am so proud to be an Alumni. It’s wonderful to see all the exciting happenings that you are having. My two sisters and I all went to Impington and had a wonderful school life. I was the athlete and competed in everything. I graduated in 1958 and moved to the States in 1966 with my Aerospace husband – both of us worked at Marshalls of Cambridge back then. The American’s paid a lot of money to get the engineers to get the man into space, with the conclusion of the first man on the moon in 1969 – quite an achievement. A lot of those engineers came from Cambridge and other European countries. We credit Impington with a great education. I am retired now and enjoy keeping up with my homeland. Keep up the good work!
Pauline, Nashville, Tennessee

Thank you for a very memorable weekend – it was worth my trip from rural France! I spent years as a representative on the School Council, first as secretary and then as chairman. I spent all this time discussing and fund raising for a swimming pool, which was built and opened after I left (I never got to use it!).
All the beautiful posters and notices of the time were written by Mr Mervyn Parry, who was the form teacher for the “remove class” and who gave us wonderful singing lessons. I believe he was beyond retirement age at the time and I remember that he always wore an immaculate white lab coat. I have several congratulatory letters from him and he called my two best friends and I “Faith, Hope and Charity” – I was Charity, but I never knew why!
Margaret (student from 1966 – 1973)

Join the Alumni

To celebrate the 75th anniversary we’re working with the charity Future First to help us stay in touch with former students.  If you attended the Village College at any time between 1939 and 2014 we would love for you to join the Impington Alumni Network for former students.  

As a member of the Alumni we’ll be able to keep in touch with you, let you know about events for the 75th Anniversary, and also tell you about opportunities to get involved if you want to.  There is no obligation to do anything after you’ve signed up but you’ll receive a few updates to let you know what we’re up to at IVC.

To become a member simply sign up online at or alternatively you can download a form here and return to the College. Read more of our alumni profiles here.

Opportunities for Alumni

Your Words

As part of the 75th celebrations the English Faculty are putting together an anthology called 75 Pieces.  We would like to include voices from IVC past and present and hope that some of our alumni would be prepared to submit a short written piece for inclusion in the anthology.  The pieces of writing should be:

  • between 350 and 400 words long
  • about memories of IVC, or about something significant that has happened in the 75 years the college has been open
  • any style (a descriptive piece, anecdote, memoir, poem, rap (printed words) or even a fictional extract)
  • with a title and a name (although you can also submit work anonymously)

All pieces submitted will be considered and there will be an editing process if necessary.  If you would like to find out more, or to submit a piece of writing please email Tamsin Eddy, Lead Practitioner for English on

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