The Importance of Impington

Impington Village College has the distinction of being the only public building in the UK designed by Walter Gropius, founder of the Bauhaus movement.  When it opened 75 years ago the design of the Village College was very radical, bringing new ideas that had never been seen before.  It paved the way for a whole new approach to public buildings, bringing the modernist movement in architecture to Britain.  The Village College at Impington drew interest from all over the world, and in 1939 the British Council commissioned a series of photographs to document the building.  You can see these images and read more about why Impington is unique in a new exhibition at the Village College.  The exhibition which marks the 75th anniversary runs from Saturday 13 September – Saturday 6 February.

Buildings of the Future

What will our schools and communities look like in the future?  The Royal Institute of British Architects in the East region has been running schools workshops to find out what young people think.  In June 2014 a series of workshops led by RIBA Architects took place in partner primary schools in Histon and Impington, Girton, Oakington and Milton.  The students created imaginative models of underground and tree top dwellings, zero-gravity football pitches, and buildings with a whole range of eco inventions.   Here you can see some of the models created by students, a selection of which were on display as part of the 75th Anniversary exhibition in September 2014.  RIBA Architects also ran a workshop on 18 September 2014 for the whole of Year 7 to explore ideas around the future of school buildings.

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Whilst the primary schools had been making models, Histon Early Years Centre were building dens!  The youngsters worked with some of IVC Sixth Form students to explore different materials and create imaginative spaces.

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2 comments on “Architecture
  1. You may be interested to know, that my father, Abram Games designed a poster in 1942 showing Impington College.

    • Impington says:

      Thank you for your message. We have a copy of the poster hanging in the Gropius Building, which is going to feature in our special exhibition to celebrate the 75th Anniversary. If you are available we would be delighted to welcome you to our anniversary celebrations on the weekend of 13 – 14 September. Many thanks again for making contact.

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