Clubs and Community

  • Impington Village College Model Aeroplane Club.  The Club was founded in 1946 by a member of staff at IVC, Ray Malmström.  As well as being a gifted artist and inspirational teacher Ray had enjoyed a lifelong passion for anything that might fly.  Ray model designs could be easily built by young people, and they were published in the Meccano magazine and on the backs of breakfast cereal packets.  Acclaim for Ray’s modelling activity was international and still now enthusiast from all over the world seek copies of his plans.  Today the Club has a membership of more than sixty, who fly a whole variety of models including stick and tissue models, control line models (both internal combustion and electric powered) and radio controlled models.  The Club will be showing a variety of models at the community open day on Sunday 14 September.  There will also be a major Fly Day for indoor models in the Sports Centre on Sunday 16 November.  For further details visit
  • Impington Music Society.  Since 1939 the Music Society at Impington Village College has presented an annual programme of concerts in the Brackenbury Room.  The concerts include music from baroque to jazz, and solos to full orchestras.  The Society encourages youngsters and is proud to follow their careers in music.  In 2008 the Society raised funds to purchase a new Grand Piano which is now housed in the Brackenbury Room at IVC.  The Society meets every fortnight on a Friday at 7.30pm.  If you are interested in joining the society please contact Pat on 01954 201535.
  • Impington Table Tennis Club.  Table Tennis has been played at Impington Village College since its opening in 1939.  At that time the Chivers family, who gave the land for the College development, insisted as part of the agreement that the recreational facilities provided at the Histon Institute on the village green, were housed within the new building.  The present Club has been competing in the local leagues for over fifty years and in the 2013-14 season fielded seven teams in the Cambridge & District League and three teams in the Ely & District League.  During the playing season (September to April) the Club reserves Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings for matches.   Thursday nights are for open practice so if you are interested in having a go please come to the Dining Hall at IVC, 7.30 – 9.30pm.
  • Impington Village College Craftsman’s Guild.  The Guild was founded in 1946 when potential new members had to be voted in based on their woodworking skills and craftsmanship.  In the early days no ladies were allowed.  Luckily, since then, there have been many changes, and today the only requirement to becoming a member is an enthusiasm to make items in wood.  The Guild is now a mixed group of hobbyists who meet on a Thursday night at IVC.  The evenings are run on an informal basis without teaching, but with mutual help and advice from members.  Items made in the past few years have included furniture, toys, games and ornamental items, some made on the wood lathes. There is a wide range of both hand and power tools for the group to use.  You can see a demonstration of our work on a lathe at IVC community open day on Sunday 14 September.  If you are interested in joining us contact David on 01223 232542 or Chris on 01954 260790.
  • Histon and Impington Village Society.  Establish in 1979 the Society aim to stimulate public interest in the history, care and preservation of Histon & Impington.  The Society meet once a month at IVC during term time for lectures on themes of local and general interest.  The Society has a fantastic online resource and has also produced a range of publications sharing pictures, stories and information about the local area.  As part of the IVC 75th Anniversary exhibition you can hear recordings made with former students who studied at Impington when the College opened in 1939.  This is part of an oral histories project that the Society has been working on for the past couple of years.  To find out more visit
  • 1st Histon Scouts.  Scouting in Histon and Impington is as popular today as it ever has been.  The 1st Histon Scouts have a base just next to the Village College.  The youngsters get involved in a whole range of activities from day trips and camps, to community events and fundraising.  It is lots of fun, social and a great way to try new things and learn to be more independent.  There will be a Scout Activity Base at the IVC community open day on Sunday 14 September.  Come along between 1pm – 2.3pm for fun team games including Kabaddi.
  • HICOP – Histon and Impington Community Orchard Project.  The community orchard was planted in February 2013 by a group of local people who wanted to revive the fruit growing traditions of the local area.  Since then the orchard has grown, hedges have been planted and boundaries installed.  Volunteers are always welcome to help with the project.  In the autumn there weekly maintenance is needed with spraying, weeding and mowing.  In February and March there will be more tree planting for the Chivers Heritage Orchard.  HICOP also look after the small orchard in the grounds of Impington Village College.  As part of the IVC community open day on Sunday 14 September there will be a picking and juicing event.  All welcome to join in from 12noon – 4pm.  To find out how you can get involved contact or 01223 504711, or visit
  • Cambridge & Impington Tang Soo Do Club.  Based at Impington Sports Centre, the Club offers traditional martial arts training in Tang Soo Do, a Korean form of karate that has roots extending back many hundreds of years.  The Club has around 60 members from age 4 to age 50+, ranging in ability from beginner to black belts.  Find out about class time or arrange to attend a taster please by contacting Mike Allen or visit
  • Cambridge Ten Sing.  A performing arts group for secondary school students which is open to all with no auditions.  The group meet every Thursdays in term time at Histon Baptist Church, 7-9pm.  Fees to join are just £40 for the year.  Ten Sing will be busking and teaching a song at the IVC community open day on Sunday 14 September.  For more details contact
  • Milton Country Park.  Created from old gravel pits the 95 acre site offers a varied natural habitat interlaced with over two miles of paths, suitable for bicycles and wheelchairs, as well as those on foot.  There is a Visitor Centre with café, play-areas, viewing platforms, a sensory garden and sun clock.  Across the year the Park hosts a range of events such as the Food, Farming and Countryside Day on Sunday 21 September, and Santa’s Grotto on Sunday 14 December.  For full details visit

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